Guidelines for Playing No Limit Texas Holdem Poker


You play too many hands and you shouldn’t. In a no-limit game your percentage of played hands should be around the amount of 20%-25%. Examples are: when you are in first position and hold a A-J hand you have to fold, when in middle position with a K-10 you will also fold and in the last positions you will still fold even if you have a hand of Q-10.

Select your table wisely. Don’t go to a table where everyone can play far better than you. Look for that specific table where there are at least a few players you think to be worse than you.

Play the players and read them all, be careful to see who is aggressive, who is loose, who hates aggression and folds whenever meets it, who bluffs, who can’t tell a bluff. Also see the player that go along and play all the inferior hands because they are the players you should try to trap if your position allows it.

Try to avoid calls and checks as mush as you can. Attack the table with your cards or fold them, depending on your hand but in no-limit don’t take the middle way only if you are after something, like trying to trap another player. Keep in mind that when someone does bet or raise here they are probably doing it because their hand can justify that. Respect them and act accordingly to them.

No-limit Mistakes You Should Avoid- Players that try to stick with the hand they placed a bet on even when it is clear that hand is beaten often end up losing all the money on it. Do not do this mistake, accept defeat and lose a little rather than losing it all.- Also, do not play too many starting hands – let them go if they are not worth it.- If someone placed a bet and you are not sure of your hand it is a mistake to call it – don’t call on that bet, simply fold.- Do not risk a lot to win a little money or all the money to win less than your present amount on the table. These are risks that are not worth it.

Strategy When In Pre-Flop

If you have a top pair like AA, KK, QQ you must raise pre-flop because you would want to make all other medium pairs that might be in the game pay money to get to the flop. These pairs will almost always double if you can get your hand and you must know this, don’t fold like unaware beginners do.

Do not under any circumstances try and keep cared that will get you a second best hand. Chasing a draw that will only get you second place means nothing, and you will lose more that you will win.

When you spot extremely weak players try to call their bets because they are probably made out of unawareness and you might trap them and win the pot. But if an expert player bets from a position with a great disadvantage it means he has something so you should drop your hand.

Keep the bets with some limits – don’t think sky is the limit. Try and make them till 6 times the big blind and no more, there will be sufficient raises to get them higher.

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