How to Find a Good Online Casino Loyalty Club


Here’s a quick quiz for you. Let’s say that a friend tells you about a new promotion at an online casino that sounds better than the one where you usually play at. The friend says that he received this awesome deposit bonus and the online casino gives away all kinds of freebies to people that play there; he even read about somebody online that gets free cash from that site every month just because they joined some sort of VIP loyalty club.

Would you join this website and gamble there?

If you answered yes, then it’s no wonder why you can’t seem to find an awesome online casino loyalty club. As insider experts, we can promise you that anyone that has found a system to get tons of free casino cash is not going to tell a living soul about it, simply because he does not want to see it go away. The comments you read on forums and review boards are usually left there by online casino employees to try and stir up some hype about their website…and the only reason they have to resort to those kinds of tactics in the first place is because their online casino has a horrible loyalty club.

So how do you find a great online casino loyalty club? It’s not really that hard to do, but you better prepare yourself for doing a little bit of research beforehand because it’s like digging for a diamond in the middle of a coal mine…you might get pretty dirty before you find that pristine gem.

Of course, we could just tell you which online casinos have the best online rewards programs but we just do not see the fun in that. As a consumer you have to learn to navigate the internet for yourself and recognize a legitimate offer when you see one.

Start With Licensing

Every legitimate online casino belongs to some type of governing body. Although it has nothing to do with their loyalty club benefits, it is a really great place to start your research. The key to checking a gambling website’s verification is to click on the little icons along the bottom of the page that tells who makes the software, who grants the gaming license, and what organizations verify that the website is safe and secure. If these items do not check out, we promise that there is not a loyalty club that you want to be a part of. Read the Offer…the Entire Offer Do you know which key on your keyboard is the entire legal industry’s overall favorite? It’s the “*” key, which means that you should read the terms and conditions to figure out what the lawyers just said. For example, many online gaming sites say something like, “Get $500 free on your first deposit!*”

That little symbol means that you’re really not going to get that money for free at all, but because its there then the online casino is protected from future lawsuits. The easiest way around falling for these advertising scams is to read the entire promotion from top to bottom (including the fine print). Do the Math Most online casino loyalty club rewards are given when you reach a certain goal or complete an accomplishment, like playing 200 total hands or depositing $500 over the life of your account. While you may meet someone that says something like, “Casino Titan has the best loyalty club in the business,” they may be telling the truth, but only because that program matches the way that they gamble online. Before deciding on which online casino to play at, read how their loyalty system works and decide for yourself whether or not it is a good match for your play style.

Okay, I know we said that we wouldn’t do any name dropping of the best online casino loyalty clubs out there, but the purpose of this entire article was to teach you to decide for yourself which program best fits your needs. For frequent players or high rollers, we strongly recommend either Casino Titan or WinPalace. They both have multi-tiered programs that eventually give you loads of free cash, but along the way they will give you plenty of other free comps and gifts as well. For casual players we would suggest Rushmore Online; they give small perks right away and their high-end program is still very good.

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